Content Schedule

Howdy Folks:

So as we are slowly gettin the hang of this whole “ Making our Passion a business” thing going, I think we have finally worked out a schedule when it comes to bring you all content that we hope you guys enjoy and will share with your friends.

So here is the breakdown of our content schedule :

Wednesday Watch/Rewatch: This will be where Artlee and I will pick a show either from our collection or from you guys suggestion and we will watch the first 6 episode of that series. After we watch it, we will sit down give a review and let you know if it is a Keep or Not Keep.

As for the Rewatch, we will go through our personal collection, HULU, Netflix or Crunchyroll library find a show we have seen or maybe a show we haven’t gotten a chance to finish, rewatch it and give our honest reviews and whether or not it was worth the rewatch.

Every Saturday( barring no unforeseen circumstances ) We will be doing a 2 Livestream talk shows on both our Twitch and Youtube channels. The First Afternoon will be more family oriented. We will discuss industry news, reviews, comics, cartoons and the like. That show will air at 2pm EST and be about 90 mins long.

The Evening show will be more for adults. We will discuss more industry news, reviews and other topics for more mature audiences. Those shows will air between 7-8pm EST and will go on until we get tired.

Links to all content will available on our website and social media pages. Cant wait to bring you guys this awesome content and interact with you all.