Welcome to my World.

Hey there everyone:

Its your favorite Sentai Senshi, Sailor Scorpio and I would like to invite you into my little corner of the internet. So for all those who dont know, I use to have a cartoon blog where i would write about older and current events in the cartoon world. Well I have decided to revitalize the blog in a fun and exciting way.

I will be creating articles, videos and polls and having genera interactions with you guys.

I have also set up a schedule for my content that you all will be able to follow. So here’s how it will go:

Mahou Shojo Mondays: On the First and Last Mondays, I will highlight a magical girl anime series, give some background on the series, try to locate and watch series and give thoughts and opinion on the series.

Filmation Fridays: On the Second and Last Fridays, I will be highlighting animations from the studio Filmation. I will do brief background on the company as a whole, and highlight the various TV and movies they have produced.

On random Tuesdays or Thursday: there will be a VO spotlight. I will pick and take suggestion on Voice over actors, their backgrounds and notably characters that fans love.

So Follow me here or on our Facebook Page for more details and lets have fun watching cartoons together!!!